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Djangonauts from in and around Denmark are meeting up for the third edition of Django Day, to be held on September 24th 2021. It will be a full day of talks, either to be experienced online -or- at our venue.

Come and meet your local and excellent community and share with them. Tell us about your idea and your contribution to make this a great day.


Django Day is a full day of talks, all connected to modern issues faced by Django developers of all experiences. It's a single-track event, meaning that you won't have to miss anything. The day will end with a round of lightning talks, which can be submitted on the day of the event, and be drawn during the day.

The full program was announced September 1st. You could submit your proposal until August 15th.

Who are we?

Django Day is brought to you by Django Denmark, an association formed in 2018 with the aim of creating and supporting education and networking activities in relation to The Django Web Framework.

We can use your help

If you want to help us with Django Day, please send us an email to

Previous events

Django Day Copenhagen 2020

The event is archived here:

DjangoCon Europe 2019

We originally decided that we would do another Django Day 2019 in Copenhagen. But then we got pretty caught up in organizing DjangoCon Europe 2019 in Copenhagen and postponed Django Day.

The event is archived here:

DjangoDay 2018

Django Copenhagen Day 2018 (slides etc. archived here) was a fantastic start for Django Denmark. Before this, we had smaller meetups for many years, but as they slowed down, we decided to try an bigger gathering.

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